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Student Projects - Endangered Animal Awareness


Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal: leopard
Habitat: Can be found in different areas that include Asia and Africa.  They can live in forests, grasslands, deserts and mountains.
Description of my animal:  They have spotted rosette patterns on them.  They can be light yellow, cream or grey colored.  They are medium sized cats. They are nocturnal.
My animal eats: Carnivore
Interesting facts about my animal: It is a meat eater and a fast runner. They will put their prey in a tree and come back later to eat it when they are hungry.  They are very good swimmers.


Learn More About Leopards

The cubs names were Kate and Jo.The mom's name is Karli.Their dad had died the year before that. One of the places that leopards live is the rainforest and that is where this family lived.  Kate was the oldest cub and everyone thought she was a brat.  Joe was the youngest cub and he was very nice.  Jo was so nice but he was shy and so he had no friends. He sat in his den alone  and cried. Kate had many friends. She picked on everyone, even Jo. One day, Jo decided to go for a walk in the rainforest by himself and he got lost. His mom was so afraid that she would never see him again. She looked for him everywhere in the forest but couldn't find him. Jo was scared because he couldn't find his way home so he hid under a big tree.  Kate realized how much she cared about Jo and she went to look for him.  She found him under the tree and brought him back home.  Everyone was so happy and from that day Kate always was kind to her brother and helped him make friends.  
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