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Student Projects - Endangered Animal Awareness


Endangered Animal Facts

My Animal: Snow leopard
Habitat:  The snow leopard live in Central Asia
Description:  They have a very long tail.  Snow Leopards are 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 feet long.   They can be grey, light yellow, tan or cream colored.
My animal eats: Sheep, goats and other small mammals.  Snow leopards are carnivores. 
interesting facts about my animal: When Snow Leopards sleep they wrap their long tails around them and it keeps them warm.   Snow Leopards like to live by themselves. Snow Leopards can jump 50 feet into the air.


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Snow Leopard & Fly

Once there was a snow leopard named Tommy. There was also a mischievous fly that does not deserve to have a name because he was mean!  He was known for playing jokes on people that were really rude.  One day Tommy finished watering his garden in his backyard and went on a little walk on the mountain.  He spotted a fly and they started talking and soon became friends.  Snow leopards usually like to live alone but Tommy thought it would be nice to have a friend.  In the beginning the mean fly was joking and didn't want to be Tommy's friend.  Tommy was not making up things at all because he really liked the fly and he was excited to have a new friend.  The fly started to play with Tommy and they got to know each other. The fly was so impressed with how nice Tommy the Snow Leopard was that he decided to really be Tommy's  friend.  The fly now understands the importance of friendship.                              


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