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Ancient Number System Resources


  Resources for Kids
Literature Connections  Ancient Numeration Systems QUEST Math Extensions
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Tally Numeration System Understanding the simplest numeration system Use tally marks to interpret data activity

Interactive Tally Chart Game

Graph and Tally

Tally Picture Maker

Hindu Arabic Numbers

Explanation of the Hindu-Arabic Numbers

Egyptian Numbers Understanding Egyptian Numbers

Math Cats Fractions:  Solve fractions like A True Old Egyptian Math Cat!  Puzzles vary from easy to hard!

Egyptian Number System  Learn about the Egyptian numbers and help the pharoah build his pyramids by completing the Egyptian math challenge. 

Babylonian Numbers Understanding Babylonian Numerals

Babylonian Numbers  Learn about Babylonian numbers and use the resource to type in numbers and see how the Babylonians would have written it. Mayan Numbers Understanding Mayan Numbers

Mayan Time Take the Maya Math Challenge

Greek Numbers

Roman Numeral Number Balls  Click balls in ascending order to solve. Roman Numerals Interactive Five levels of play that increase in difficulty.

Roman Numeral Crocodile Game:  Find the correct Roman Numeral to win the game!

Binary Numbers Understanding Binary Numbers Binary Numbers Interactive

Binary Fun

Cisco Binary Fun Binary

Rubik's Cube:  Use this interactive  Rubik's Cube and see if you can solve the puzzle

Pascal's Triangle Interactive site to view and create patterns

Origami How to make an Origami t-shirt How to make an Origami crane How to make  an Origami flapping bird