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Events Module is a calendar where the user can add all day events, set times for events, add descriptions of events, and provide URL links, document links, and can either be in a calendar, list, or week view on the web pages. (Google Calendar is a better option)

Google Calendars

  • Create a Google Acct. -  this should be done by your Social Admin after setting up a school account
  • Create a Calendar(s) / Invite others to edit calendar(s)
  • Editing events (individually and with an excel template)
  • Embed your calendar with DNN HTML module 

Events Module (if you decide to use this instead of Google)

  • Add Events Module
  • Select Add Event (from module drop-down)


(this is what the events module looks like on the web page)


  • Basic Settings
  • Title
  • Select Date and Time
    • All Day Event (enter dated and times) or,
    • Start Date/Time > End Date/Time
  • Event Information
  • Update



Edit Settings

  • Select Edit Settings (from module drop-down)
  • General
  • Set Time Interval
  • Check Permit Recurring Event
  • Optional Prevent Schedule Conflict, Check for Location Conflicts
  • Optional Delete Events Older Than:



  • Select View
    • Month, Week, or List



  • Set Time Zone
  • Update



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