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Adding a Staff Page Template File to School Website

Use a Template to Create a Web Page (Video)


Files have been created and added to school websites available after DNN 9 update.

  • 1_STAFFTemplate_LeftSidePic The first template is set-up with Staff Photo and Contact on the left side of the page.



  • 2_STAFFTemplate_RightSidePic The second template is set-up with the Staff Photo and Contact on the right side of the page. 
Adding Template
  • Follow Directions for Creating a Web Page
  • Select Pages from Persona Bar
  • Select the Parent Page
  • From the dotted arrow behind the parent page select 'Add Page'
  • Fill in Name, Title, Description, Key Words
  • Select the appropriate Template from the list for the school
  • Set Permissions
  • Select Advanced
  • Select More
  • Secure Connection
  • Add Page





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