• Click on the bar


  • Click List Tab
  • Click Modify View

  • Select the Columns the School Site wants displayed and order

  • Scroll down to view other options such as sorting and different styles
  • As a user you may want to set the number of Announcements viewable at one time

  • Click OK when finished


How to set-up the Announcements App to hide items that are marked expired:

  • Click on the gray bar behind the Announcement App that is wished to be filtered


  • Click on the List tab on the top bar
  • Click Modify View

  • Under filter – select the radio button for ‘Show items only when the following is true’

Create 2 items:

  • One to show the announcements that have an expiration day greater than or equal to today
  • One to show items that are blank in the expiration field

  • Scroll down click 'OK'