• Prevention
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    Preventing Editing Apps/Widgets on Sites
  • Restrict Permissions to a Sub Site
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    Restrict Permissions to a Sub Site
    Restrict Permissions to a Sub Site
  • Changing Page Layout
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    Changing Page Layout
    Changing Page Layout
  • Sharing the Site
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    Sharing the Site
    Sharing the Site
  • Setting Site Alerts
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    Setting Site Alerts
    Setting Site Alerts

Office 365: Getting Started, Page Layout, Share Site, Setting Alerts, and Recycle Bin


Changing the Page Layout - for example moving the Master Calendar below the Master Announcements and Master Discussion.

Two ways to edit the page:

  • Click Edit at the top of the page

  • Or Click on the Settings Gear

  • On the Ribbon Bar select Text Layout

  • Allows a different configuration on the current page the user is editing.  One column (most schools have chosen this one) and two columns with a header is the default view.

  • To move each part, place cursor where the web part is to go and click there.
  • Run cursor over item to move until the drag and drop icon appears.
  • Click and hold web part as it is dragged across the page to correct location then release cursor.

  • Click Save


Sharing the Site with Staff:

1. Click Share




2. Click Share a second time

3. Select same people to share with (two permission levels are required for classified & certified staff)




4. Demonstrate to Staff how to click "Follow" to add School Sites to Outlook 365

  • Open Outlook 365
  • Click the Waffle
  • Click Sites - Select School Site from List


Encourage your staff to set individual alerts:

  • Go to School Site main page
  • Click Page on tool bar - left hand corner

  • Select 'Alert Me' drop down
  • Select 'Set an alert on the page'

  • Update Alert Title to School Name Sites Alert or something similar
  • Individual setting alerts name should be listed in Users - Admin can add Classified/Certified staff list here also
  • Delivery Method - Email
  • Send Alerts Change to 'Someone else changes a web page'
  • When to Send Alerts Change to 'Send a daily summary'
  • Click OK


Finding the Recycle Bin

  • Click the Gear in the upper right-hand corner

  • Click Site Contents

  • Click Recycle Bin

  • A list will show what is in the Recycle Bin and users are able to check what they would like to Restore or Delete Permanently  (see example screen shot below)