Introducing the UVG (Ultra Video Gallery) Module

Introducing the UVG for Video Modules:  On the school website the user will see the following menu options when logged in under HOME.

  • WEBSITE ADMIN:  Select "Manage Categories" - Categories need to be created in order to link them to the UVG VideoList Module on the web page after a video has been created.
  • Select "Add Category" from the drop-down.

  • Add Categories based on the type of video featured on the user's site.  For example videos featuring the Gifted Department, the category might be Gifted - 4th Grade.  The user creating the videos will need to be able to select the category to be viewed on the intended page.  All videos in that one category will be displayed on that page.

  • Categories can be created through-out the year, or when the need arises.
  • Select the Video Player from the Player Tab.
  • Click "Update"
  • To "Edit" Categories select "Manage Categories"

Look at the tab "Adding Videos" next

  • Create Video
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Copy the Embedded Code after selecting the desired width of viewing (Below is a screen-shot from YouTube with the video DNN:  LIve Articles Module)
    • Select Share
    • Select Embed
    • Select Video Size
    • Copy Embed Code

  • Click "Add Video" from the drop-down found under "Home" on the school web page


  • This window will open up so the user can "Paste Embed Code" from YouTube 
  • Click "Save Video"




  • Select Category
  • Click "Update"



Look at the Tab "Displaying Video" to add the video to the desired web page.

Adding a Video to the Web Page:

  • Add the UVG VideoList module to the web page
  • Title the module
  • Select the Pane
  • Click Add Module (Note if there are videos on the site, the user will see videos in the module until the category is chosen.)


  • Click "Module Settings" from the drop-down to select what videos the user would like to display on the web page.

  • Scroll down and click Update

The Ultra Video Gallery or UVG is what the District uses on TechHub to feature the video training tutorials.

1.  Admin Click on UVG - Manage Categories to Create Categories

2.  Users Create Videos

3.  Videos Uploaded to YouTube

4.  Copy Embed Code

5.  User Clicks on UVG - Add Video

6.  Paste Embedded Code from YouTube add to a category

7.  Users Add Module "UVGVideo List" to the page the video is desired.

8.  Configure UVGVideoList Module to show Category on page

Bold shows website actions.  More detailed information can be found in the tabs below and in the manuals.