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SpeedyApp TouchFlexi Slider 2


SpeedyApp TouchFlexi Slider 2: This module offers two modes to display photos, YouTube embedded video links, and HTML elements in either the slideshow or the carousel view. The slideshow display has two types of animation available slide or fade. It is highly suggested to use the slideshow mode. All pictures and video need to be sized the same because this module will not resize them for the user. To edit the image, text, or video link added requires the user to delete and then re-add the image, text, or video link.

*One thing nice about this slideshow presenter...if you move it to a smaller pane it will resize the images to fit that pane automatically.  The TouchFlexi Slider 2 in the left-hand corner is the same sized images as below only located in the left narrow pane.

  • Explore Omaha's Hidden History.


1.  Click on Settings of Module

2.  Click on the SpeedyApp TouchFlexi Slider 2 Settings Tab

3.  Select Mode

4.  Choose File, URL Image Link, or place Embedded Video and Text in the HTML box

5.  Click Upload and Insert

6.  Repeat Sequence

7.  Click Update


SpeedyApp TouchFlexi Slider 2