News Articles (better option would be Live Articles)


News Articles Module is a way to create news articles, or blogs, that are visible for users.  This module allows advanced articles to be created with functionality such as multi-page, publish/expire dates, categories, comments, ratings, etc. If you do not want others to comment it is possible to turn this feature off and use it just as a newsletter.  

News Articles
The DigRotate Module has been deprecated because it won't work on the new DNN 7x platform which is being installed on the school sites. A new modu...

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At times DNN Users will contact the IMS Web Team about PDFs / Images / Videos not displaying properly on their DNN Website.  Please keep in m...

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Good Morning DNN Users! The IMS Web Team has started updating the District Sites to DNN 7.0. With new updates there will be various new features that...

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The middle schools and high schools have been updated to DNN 7.0. The update provides new functionality and security. Due to the security update it ma...

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With the 2013 Year comes updates for DotNetNuke Users. 

Currently the IMS Training and IMS Web Team are in process of creating new tutorial videos and documentation to assist DNN Users in transitioning to the updated module versions. 

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There are additional modules available for the News Articles Module:

  • Latest Articles
  • Latest Comments
  • Archives
  • News Search

To add set-up any of the above mentioned modules, go to the settings of that module added and click on the tab that corresponds to that module. Set the information to feed from the user's News Articles found on the website.