News Articles (better option would be Live Articles)


News Articles Module is a way to create news articles, or blogs, that are visible for users.  This module allows advanced articles to be created with functionality such as multi-page, publish/expire dates, categories, comments, ratings, etc. If you do not want others to comment it is possible to turn this feature off and use it just as a newsletter.  

News Articles

Adding the School Improvement Plan to the Web Page

  • Login    
  • Click Edit Content
  • Copy and paste the chart below filling in the needed information


Achievement areas

2013-14 Achievement

2014-15 Growth Goal

 Professional Development Focus Areas (add areas)


  • Click Save
  • Right Click on the image below to save to the desktop (if an image is desired)


  •  Click Edit Content on the HTML Module
  • Place cursor under the table where the image is to be placed
  • Click Save


If the user desires "Tabs" please see the Live Tabs module.

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There are additional modules available for the News Articles Module:

  • Latest Articles
  • Latest Comments
  • Archives
  • News Search

To add set-up any of the above mentioned modules, go to the settings of that module added and click on the tab that corresponds to that module. Set the information to feed from the user's News Articles found on the website.