News Articles (better option would be Live Articles)


News Articles Module is a way to create news articles, or blogs, that are visible for users.  This module allows advanced articles to be created with functionality such as multi-page, publish/expire dates, categories, comments, ratings, etc. If you do not want others to comment it is possible to turn this feature off and use it just as a newsletter.  

News Articles

Sometimes a new page is created and the Admin/User would like it to automatically redirect to a file or another location.  An option exists to "Open Link in New Window" however it only works with pages and URL's. 

Below is a step-by-step guide to help the web page Administrator:

  • Create the page and link it to the URL or File - Click on the link that is created and copy the URL
  • Go to Admin>Page Management>Click on the Page Name 
  • Under Link select URL and paste in the copied URL Link
  • Add the following javascript to have it open in a new browser window. (insert your own URL to work for your site)


  • Click Update (No need to permanently redirect, however it is an option)

Page will open in a new browser window.


(Under Parents select Standard Grading Practices)

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There are additional modules available for the News Articles Module:

  • Latest Articles
  • Latest Comments
  • Archives
  • News Search

To add set-up any of the above mentioned modules, go to the settings of that module added and click on the tab that corresponds to that module. Set the information to feed from the user's News Articles found on the website.