Additional Modules for News Articles

There are additional modules available for the News Articles Module:

  • Latest Articles
  • Latest Comments
  • Archives
  • News Search

To add set-up any of the above mentioned modules, go to the settings of that module added and click on the tab that corresponds to that module. Set the information to feed from the user's News Articles found on the website.

News Articles LatestArticles

Adding the School Improvement Plan by

Step by step directions on adding the School Improvement Plan to the  web page.

Coming Soon the New DNN Drag & Drop Feature! by
Coming Soon DNN Drag & Drop!
New DNN ADMIN Video Added by
A new video has been added to the DNN Admin page for setting up web page accounts.
OPS Office 365 Initiative by host
Set Page to Automatically Redirect & Open in a New Window by

Sometimes a new page is created and the Admin/User would like it to automatically redirect to a file or another location.  An option exists to "Open Link in New Window" however it only works with pages and URL's. 

2014 - 2015 DNN Updates by host
Knowledge Base by
A few reasons for a web page... by
Using the Live Content Module by
DNN Web Page Updates, URL's, and Google Analytics by
DNN Web Page Updates, URL's, and Google Analytics:

The webteam has incorporated suggestions from Principals and website administrators.  It was suggested to eliminate none-used modules from the drop-down in order to limit the choices for the web pages at the schools and develop a list of "Common Modules." This will help streamline the web page process for both admin. and teachers.