Live Wrapper Example (Video & Twitter Wrapped Below)

 Live Wrapper

The 'Live Wrapper' allows the user to wrap and create flexible layouts:

    • Audio – Upload your own MP3’s or link to existing one on the web.  User has the ability to show album art, specify height and width of audio player.
    • Content - User may wrap any text/html module within content itself and wrapping content within content.
    • Flash – Show flash applications, games, banners, and more.  Upload your own SWF file or link to an existing one and specify height and width for rendered flash content.
    • Frame – Allows wrapping existing websites or content by simply providing the URL and the ability to specify the height and width of the frame.
    • Modules – Allows wrapping any module and automatically hides the module on the same page.
    • Snippet – Allows wrapping any piece of code, embedding tags from sites, and user can also wrap javascript.
    • Video – User can upload videos or link to YouTube videos by providing the URL.  Wrapper has the ability to show album art and specify height and width of the video.

For example, I have added the Twitter Feed module from the 'Home' page giving it the tag 'Twitter.'  Placing Twitter within brackets will wrap it up and display the module below.