To start blogging just add the 'Live Blog' Module to your web page. The directions come with it and everything you see on this page comes with it.  Good idea to set aside one page just for blogging.

Click here for the guide

Talkin' Tech (Live Blog Example)

Talkin Tech


(DNN Tech that is!)

Tables & HTML Module

Creating tables with the new DNN 7 allows many options.  For example take a look at Monroe Middle School and look under 'Homework.'  They have created tables for teachers to place homework assignments in.  So now the parents and students have a place to refer to.  Great job Monroe!  If you would like more information on using tables please see the HTML web page and look for the tab called 'Tables', or email for help. (


DNN Refresher
Did you know that there are several pages set-up on TechHub to help a beginner or to just refresh your memory?  The pages include guides and quick videos that will walk you through the process.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask we are here to help you.  

FYI:  If you have an idea for adding something to your page and not quite sure how to do it, please ask.  For instance photos, you could use a module called Ultra Media Gallery.