To start blogging just add the 'Live Blog' Module to your web page. The directions come with it and everything you see on this page comes with it.  Good idea to set aside one page just for blogging.

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Talkin' Tech (Live Blog Example)

Talkin Tech


(DNN Tech that is!)

Creating a Banner
DNN has a new module called WSC_Banner!  This works wonderful for creating a banner for the school web page, or even for an individual teacher's web page on the site.  With the use of PowerPoint an individual can create a slide with information on it, save as a jpeg, and then resize to the dimensions of the WSC banner that is set by the user within the WSC module.  Very quick and easy to set up on your site!

Tables & HTML Module

Creating tables with the new DNN 7 allows many options.  For example take a look at Monroe Middle School and look under 'Homework.'  They have created tables for teachers to place homework assignments in.  So now the parents and students have a place to refer to.  Great job Monroe!  If you would like more information on using tables please see the HTML web page and look for the tab called 'Tables', or email for help. (


Requesting Training

Do you or your staff need training?  Check out the new request form on TechHub.