Menu of Tools for the HTML Rich Text Editor

These instructions will guide you through the editing capabilities of your Text/HTML module.  To access the module, click on the pencil icon. This will open up the Edit Module Tool.

The Text/HTML tool has two options for inserting content and/or HTML code:

  • Basic Text Box 
  • Rich Text Editor

Basic Text Editor

The Basic Text Box does not include any tools for formatting text or inserting pictures, symbols, etc. This is where we recommend you paste any text that has been copied over from another website or document. We recommend this because when you paste in the Basic Text Editor (using Ctrl or Command C) the text does not carry over any of the formatting from the source with it.

You can also paste html code from another source (such as google maps, YouTube, etc) in this area.


Rich Text Editor

This is usually the default editing tool when you open the Edit Text/HTML tool. This allows you to format your text (size, color) as well as insert links and images, check spelling, insert special characters, create bullet points, alter the alignment of the paragraph, etc. It is similar to the tools available to you in a Microsoft Office program.


*Please note the HTML editor may not look exactly the same as above, roll the cursor over the icons to see what features are available.


 Icon  Title  Description



Checks the spelling



Search for specific text 


 Paste Options (Drop-down options available)
    Allows the user to paste copied text without the font or formatting found in word and other applications.
   Undo/Redo  The drop-down behind each will show the user what will be undone or redone.
   Insert Media

Insert Media allows the user to click and upload images, connect documents to an image, add Flash, Media Manager shows image alignment, width/height, also the Image Map Editor allows the user to add hot spots in an image.

Note:  Insert Media could also be a different icon like a mountain. The user may also have each of the drop-down choices as an icon on the bar.  Roll the cursor over the icons and text will pop-up to show the user the icons name.

   Save Template
   Hyperlink Manager
    Allows the user to link words or images to other pages within the website, outside URL's, create anchors, and connect the user's email address.
   Remove Link
User highlight words/images that have been linked and click this icon to remove the link.
   Custom Links
 These are portal links use the Hyperlink Manager.
   Insert Symbol  
     These symbols are available for the user.
   Insert Table
    The easiest way to insert a table is to use the drop-down menu and select Table Wizard.  This then allows many options from cell spacing, cell padding, borders, cell colors, table layout, etc.  See HTML page and click on Table Design tab to see more.
   New Paragraph  User can click for new paragraph formatting.
   Toggle Full Screen
 Click to view the HTML in Full Screen while adding information.
   Insert Date
 Click and it will automatically insert the current date.  6/6/2014
   Insert Time
 Click and it will automatically insert the current time.  9:44:33 AM


*Please note the HTML editor may not look exactly the same as above, roll the cursor over the icons to see what features are available.

 Icon  Title  Description

Works exactly like MS Word







  Numbered List
   Bullet List
  Convert to lower case
  Convert to upper case
   Horizontal Rule
   Foreground Color

  Roll cursor over text and select color from the drop-down.
   Background Color
   Font Name
 A few fonts the user may select from.

   Font Size

   Text Align
   Paragraph Style
   Apply CSS Style
 Only a few shown, many to choose from.
 Format Stripper