Setting up Hotspots

  1. Create Image
  2. Resize Image
  3. Add an image to an HTML Module (Adding Images)
  4. Once added update the HTML Module and then click to edit content
  5. Click on the image
  6. From the 'Insert Media' drop down select 'Image Map Editor'

  1. Select the 'Area Shape' desired either rectangle or circle
  2. Take cursor and go over to the image on the left side of the view hold down and create shape in the area desired
  3. Place desired URL link in URL area
  4. Target - select from options ranging from 'Open in New Window' to 'Open in Same Window'
  5. Click 'Update Area'
  6. If more links are needed click 'New Area' otherwise click 'OK'
  7. Click 'Update'

  • The image on the Home page of TechHub uses numerous 'Hotspots' to connect to various other pages.

  • Another example can be found on Liberty's Pre-K page (created by Palama Martinez Alvarez)