Form and List Module

The Form and List (formerly called User Defined Table) is a rich module for creating/managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc. In other words it allows the user to define a table (a group of columns or fields) that has the capability to store and display records.  Find screenshots and examples in guide.

  1. Add module called Form and List
  • Click on Manage User Defined Table
  • Click on Add a New Column
  • Decide what you want for your table.  Example has Name-text, Department-URL (to a department page), Email-email, Extension-text, Page-URL.
  • Click on disc shape in the front of your column to save each area and then update after completing all columns at the bottom of your screen.
  • If you want to line up the table by Name, Dept, etc. go to Manage User Defined Table and click on Grid Table Settings.  Can also pick ascending or descending.  Update