Common Modules

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The avt.NavXp Module is the replacement menu option for the CISSSide Menu.




The Documents Module produces a list of documents with links to view or download the document (depending on the user's browser settings). Documents can be located within
the portal, or can be a link to another website or portal.






The Events Module is a calendar where the user can add all day events, set times for events, add descriptions of events, and provide URL links, document links, and can either be in a calendar, list, or week view on the web pages.


Events Module


Form and List


The Form and List (formerly called User Defined Table) is a rich module for creating/managing custom tables with input validation, various field types, etc. In other words it allows the user to define a table (a group of columns or fields) that has the capability to store and display records.




Form and List



(most used)



The HTML Module with the CKEditor is the most widely used module on your website. This module is very flexible and is used for inserting text, images, tables, hyperlinks, document downloads, HTML code, etc. The interface looks and functions a lot like Microsoft Word.  You can also use the HTML module to insert code, such as script, iFrame code, or any other embedded code. 








The Image Module is used for adding images and URL links to images.  The module allows adding width and height for desired size.






The Links Module is used to display external links, internal links, documents, folders, and can be used as a menu on a page.




Live  Tabs


Live Tabs Module is used for reducing clutter by combining modules together, adding multiple tabs to each tab, allow paging which allows easier navigation, adds a clean, crisp, professional look to your site. 




Live Tabs


Live Articles


Live Articles is a way to create news articles, or blogs, that are visible for users.  This module allows advanced articles to be created with functionality such as multi-page, publish/expire dates, categories, comments, ratings, etc. If you do not want others to comment it is possible to turn this feature off and use it just as a newsletter.






If there are any modules that do not display in your drop down but you wish to utilize please contact the