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The OPS Clever Portal provides instant access to the district's digital curriculum programs and additional programs and links provided by the teacher. Students and teachers use their OPS Username/Password for access. OPS Clever Portal Access Link

Full Webinar:
OPS Clever Portal for Teachers Recording

Short Videos:
Teacher Clever Portal Overview
Printing Student Badges                                                                                                             
Managing Your Teacher Page
Student Clever Portal Tutorial

Clever Academy Training Site

Clever Video Playlist:

All OPS employees and students have an Office 365 account that provides email, OneDrive, and a variety of instructional tools such as OneNote, Teams, and Sway. Students and teachers use their OPS Username/Password for access and sign in at

Short Videos:
Accessing Office 365
Installing Free Microsoft Office on Personal Devices
Accessing My Student Logins via Infinite Campus
Creating an Office 365 Contact List for Parents

Microsoft OneDrive for Business is our OPS cloud file solution that offers a secure way to store work files and share with colleagues and students. Locate OneDrive in your Office 365 Waffle or sync it to your device for quick access. 

OneDrive Video Tutorials
OneDrive Step-by-Step PDF Tutorials

Level 1: Getting Started

Microsoft OneNote Class Notebooks allows a teacher to share and collaborate in a digital three ring binder with students. Each class notebook has a content library, collaboration space, and individual notebook spaces for each students. Access OneNote Class notebooks in your Microsoft Class Team or in your Office 365 waffle.

Level 1 OneNote Class Notebook Webinar Recording

Short Videos:
Overview of OneNote Class Notebook
Setting Up Your Teams Class Notebook
Navigation and Basic Overview of Tools
Managing Your Class Notebook
Creating a Teams Assignment to a Notebook Page
Setting Image as a Background in a Notebook

Level 2: Engaging and Supportive Learning Tools

OneNote Class Notebooks allow teachers and students to engage in a variety of ways that support student learning.

Level 2 OneNote Class Notebook Webinar Recording

Short Videos:
Engaging Tools

Math Tools
Audio Recording
Learning Support Tools
Dictation and Writing Tools
Immersive Reader
Translation in OneNote

Microsoft Forms is a tool that lets you quickly design surveys, quizzes or polls.  It can be used to gather feedback from parents, students and staff.

Microsoft Forms: Formative Assessments Webinar 

• Create a Quiz 
• Adjust Quiz Settings
• Send a Quiz
• Assign a Quiz in a Microsoft Teams Class
• Check and Share Quiz Results

Additional Resource:
Microsoft Educator Course: Creating Authentic Assessments in Forms

The power of Microsoft Translator is built into several of our Office 365 platforms including email, OneDrive, Teams, and Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It offers translation in over 63 languages and can also be downloaded with the free Microsoft Translator app on mobile devices.

Microsoft Translator Webinar Recording Link
Webinar PowerPoint Resource

Short Videos to Translate:
Word Documents
Microsoft Teams: Chat, Posts, and Assignments
PowerPoints and Presentation Subtitles
Free Translator App: Conversations, Signs, and Voice

Additional Resources:
Improve Parent and Student Communication Walk Through Guide
Microsoft Translator Printable Tutorial
Microsoft Translator Features


Teachers utilize a wide variety of edtech tools with students. When using a website or device application it is important to think of student privacy and security. If using an application that requires students to input Personally Identifiable Information (PII), or for the teacher to set up an account for the students with PII shared, the application needs approval. Below is the current list of applications approved as of Spring 2020. 

OPS Approved List of Apps 

OPS App Approval Process

Note: On the Student and Family Information (SAFI) packet, check what permission is marked. This information can be found in Infinite Campus. If it is marked "no", provide an alternate method for the student. You can also contact the family to see if they would provide permission on a specific tool. 

As students and teachers adjusted to remote learning in response to COVID19, district leaders constructed the below guiding resources to support with best practices of online instruction. 

Online Learning Handbook for Students

Online Learning Handbook for Teachers